Couples Counseling


One of the goals in couples therapy is to help partners resolve conflict. It can make a huge difference in whether your relationship overcomes the hurdles that life inevitably puts in your way. Take the risks needed to build a better version of your relationship in a safe therapeutic environment.  Recover from an affair or reduce conflict while re-discovering ways to bond with Gottman and Attachment therapies. 

Couples Counseling
  • Improve your overall relationship health
  • Find new ways to bond
  • Recover from an affair
  • Learn strategies to resolve conflict

Reasons To Start Couples Counseling

Studies show that the average couple waits six years before seeking help for marital problems. That is a very long time to be unhappy in a relationship! Consider starting therapy to save and improve your relationship, especially after an affair. Discover the many benefits of Marriage Counseling with a skilled online couples counselor.
“(Mel) has years of experience with couples therapy … she focuses on connecting and forging strong alliances with clients through focusing on their strengths and using a collaborate approach.”
– Sharon L Williams, LCSW

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