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Taking the initial steps to explore change and growth whether or not you have experience with counseling can take your life in a new direction. Individual and couples counseling for adults is available online for ALL Virginia residents.

There is no time like the present to seek help.

Focus on strengths, heal from the past, become less attached to a negative point of view and capitalize on resilience.

Take the risks needed to build a better version of your relationship in a safe therapeutic environment.

Enhance fairness and power sharing in your relationship and gain a sense of partnership with sex-positive counseling.

Mel Brezovsky is a Virtual / Telehealth Counselor ​

Virtual / Telehealth Counselor

Don’t stress about getting to your appointments. Telehealth is more convenient than ever and allows you to receive ongoing support from the comfort of your own device.

Mel Brezovsky, LPC

At Mel Brezovsky Individual and Couples Counseling you will receive high quality care without scheduling hassles.
Mel Brezovsky, LPC is a virtual telehealth counselor serving the Ashburn Virginia, Reston Virginia and the surrounding areas.

Licensed Professional Counselor in Virginia

Marriage/Relationship Counselor

Trauma Informed Therapy

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