Couples Counseling

One of the goals in any couples therapy is to help partners resolve conflict. It can make a huge difference in whether your relationship overcomes the hurdles that life inevitably puts in your way. I am a certified Imago Therapist and provide a safe, structured environment that is intended to allow you to take the risks needed to build a better version of your relationship or recover from an affair. Imago Relationship therapy is an Attachment-based therapy that focuses on reducing conflict while rediscovering ways to bond.


Reasons To Start Couples Counselling

Studies show that the average couple waits six years before seeking help for marital problems. That is a very long time to be unhappy in a relationship! Consider starting therapy to save and improve your relationship, especially after an affair. Discover what the many benefits of marriage counseling with Mel Brezovsky are. Mel Brezovsky in Ashburn, VA, and online therapy is a certified Imago Therapist and provides a safe, structured environment.

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