Digital Dating

It’s natural for us to want intimate connections. We’re wired for it. Finding safe ways to begin connecting during a pandemic has created challenges. Dating during the COVID-19 pandemic has moved some people to accelerate their relationship to a more committed stage, while others have hooked up with ex’s regardless of the circumstances that caused the break-up. Another more risky choice is to be completely indifferent to safety protocols. Joe Kort says that the only safe sex is with ourselves. We can have safer sex with others and lower the risks at the same time.

After you’ve decided to dip your toe into the pool of dating, consider new opportunities for meeting other single people. Going to bars and socializing in large groups puts you in a position to become a super spreader. We’ve had to adapt to physical distancing and create favorable circumstances to make connections. Before the pandemic, dating apps tended to create a cycle of hook ups, break ups, and one-night-stands. After you find a match now, have a few virtual dating sessions first. Tinder subscribers can now connect and match with people in cities all around the world. If Tinder isn’t for you, look into private virtual singles’ mingles and virtual speed dating.

Virtual dating allows you to have a more seamless exit while avoiding the awkwardness of leaving a restaurant or a bar. Get to know someone virtually and ask questions like; Do you live alone? Do you work from home? Are you getting tested? People are finding ways to have safer sex and also make emotional connections. When you feel comfortable and the moment arises consider using sex toys either by yourself or on a virtual date. We-vibe is a brand of sex toys that specializes in couples’ vibrators.

Once you’ve moved beyond the virtual connection, find out if in-person chemistry matches online chemistry. Try scheduling a socially distant, masked date. Vetting skills out in the world is not possible over a virtual session. Physicality allows you to see how a person moves their body and gestures, and see the way they look at you. Meet up when it is safe to do so and when you are ready to try on a new relationship.